Natural born sorcerers

Saturday 2 November, 20:00 - Coronet Theatre, Studio, £ 6 / £ 5 concessions
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Oh, women and witchcraft, women and horror tales, women and spells. Dark forces have always been obsessed with females, whether to tame them or to use them as powerful channels, exploiting their bodies or surrendering to their own masterful control. Especially in writing: women have been screaming out beautiful weird novels for centuries, often undetected. Exploring the sneaky and enchanted space between multiple levels of reality in their poetry and their short stories, and channeling the voices of many natural born sorcerers from the past like Shirley Jackson, join a fantastic Italian writer and radio host and a brilliant English poet for a very unique “sabbath reading”.

Reading performance + conversation, in English and partly in Italian with English translation provided.

Running time: 80 minutes.


Loredana Lipperini

is an Italian journalist and writer. She has worked extensively for the Italian radio and tv, and is one of the voices of popular Italian cultural radio programme Fahrenheit. She writes regularly about women rights, politics and literature on her blog Lipperatura and has published over a dozen books, the last of which, Magia Nera, in 2019.

Rebecca Tamás

is a Lecturer in Creative Writing at York St John University. Her pamphlet Savage was published by Clinic, and was a LRB Bookshop pamphlet of the year, and a Poetry School book of the year. Rebecca’s first full-length poetry collection, WITCH, was published in March 2019. She is editor, together with Sarah Shin, of Spells: 21st Century Occult Poetry, published by Ignota Books.


Marzia D'Amico

is an Oxford DPhil, a poet, and a queer-feminist advocate. (she/her)