The future of democracy

Saturday 2 November, 14:30 - Coronet Theatre, Auditorium, £ 6 / £ 5 concessions
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Voters around the world seem more and more attracted by strongmen. The number of democratic governments in the world is in decline. Even when democracy is formally preserved, one can’t escape the feeling that it is being increasingly twisted and eroded. Is that feeling true? And why do so many of our fellow citizens seem indifferent to the troubles of contemporary democracy? In this unmissable panel discussion, two leading political commentators discuss whether we all are destined to a world of authoritarian regimes, or whether there is a future for democracy.

This event will be in English and partly in Italian with English translation provided.

Running time: 80 minutes.


Donatella Di Cesare

is a philosopher who has dedicated much of her work to themes of exile, foreignness, citizenship, and what lies beyond the nation-state. As a political commentator, she contributes to several media outlets including L'Espresso and Il Manifesto. Her books are translated in several languages. Among her latest books: Terrore e modernità (2017), Marrani. L'Altro dell'Altro (2018), Sulla vocazione politica della filosofia (2018). In English: Utopia of Understanding: Between Babel and Auschwitz (2012).

Ece Temelkuran

is a Turkish journalist and political commentator. In 2012 she was fired from Habertürk after writing articles critical of the Turkish government. Her writing has appeared in The Guardian and Le Monde Diplomatique, and her books have been translated into more than ten languages. Her latest books include Turkey: the insane and the melancholy, and How to lose a country: the 7 steps from democracy to dictatorship.


Marco Magini

is an London-based writer and political commentator.