Saturday 02 November 2019

Found in translation

with Livia Franchini

A creative translation workshop with Livia Franchini.
Found in translation is a hands-on, stimulating workshop that challenges the notion of a distance between creative writing and translation, bridging the gap with group exercises and literary play. Poking fun at the idea of the writer as ‘solitary genius’, this workshop…

Working class, writing class

with Alberto Prunetti, Anthony Cartwright

Not so long ago, society experienced a collective hallucination and believed we were “all becoming becoming middle class”. Years of austerity and economic uncertainties have left us with the stark reality of social class divide. Social class disparities (and the increasing lack of social mobility) deeply affect relationships between…

The future of democracy

with Ece Temelkuran, Andrea Mammone

Voters around the world seem more and more attracted by strongmen. The number of democratic governments in the world is in decline. Even when democracy is formally preserved, one can’t escape the feeling that it is being increasingly twisted and eroded. Is that feeling true? And why do so…

Digital Testimonies

with Abdulwahab Tahhan, Dia Kayyali

In 2018, YouTube removed 58 million videos due to the platform’s rules on fake, extremist or inappropriate content. Governments are taking action to tighten regulation on social medias. On the other hand, international courts and human rights groups rely on uncensored social media evidence for their investigations. Content moderation is…

Untameable creatures

with Laura Pugno, Olivia Rosenthal

Society has always tried to tame women, but not all of them are willing to accept it. Laura Pugno and Olivia Rosenthal tell stories of women attempting to emancipate from social constrictions and the price they might have to pay to break free. Making use of zoological metaphors and creatures,…

Join us for a night of comedy with a new rising star in the Italian and international stand-up scene.

What do you discover when you decide to leave the comfort of your sofa in Italy to become a foreigner in the UK, just as the UK decides to leave Europe?…

Natural born sorcerers

with Loredana Lipperini, Rebecca Tamás

Oh, women and witchcraft, women and horror tales, women and spells. Dark forces have always been obsessed with females, whether to tame them or to use them as powerful channels, exploiting their bodies or surrendering to their own masterful control. Especially in writing: women have been screaming out beautiful…

Suerta DJ set

with Suerta

Join us in the atmospheric bar of the Coronet Theatre for a our traditional, highly-expected Saturday night DJ set. Continue the conversation inspired by the festival sessions, enjoy a drink from the unique bar of the venue, and show us your moves if you feel like having a boogie!


Epic Diego

with Alessio Forgione, Lina Caicedo, Asif Kapadia

Raised in a shantytown on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Diego Maradona became the football player every team wanted. Defying any logic, in 1984 he chose Naples, of all places. In return, Naples worshipped him, and wrote an epic tale of collective social redemption with its best player ever….

Sunday 03 November 2019

Journeys to the end of the world

with Alberto Giuliani, Joanna Pocock

Preppers, scavengers, rewilderers, ecosexual communities, robots, astronauts simulating life on Mars, cryo-preservation, genetic experiments. How are people getting ready for the end of the world? And do we have to? Is it really happening? Starting from a personal life crisis and the prophecy of a stranger, both Joanna Pocock…

The Italian Job

with Aboubakar Soumahoro, Daniel Trilling

In Southern Italy, migrant labourers are economically and socially abused, and often forced into forms of modern slavery. The fight for their rights is crucial, but this is not just “their” fight. Behind the appalling conditions for migrant workers and the racism that is instrumental in their exploitation, lays…

Hot art. Making art in a warming planet

with Lucia Pietroiusti, Alex Cecchetti

As the theme of climate emergency enters (at last!) the mainstream, and we start adapting to the stark reality of a warming and rapidly changing planet, transformations spread further than our ecosystems, infiltrating the ways we tell and represent the world, our stories and storytelling, as well as…

Where no novel has gone before

with Edoardo Albinati, Rachel Cusk

The relationship status between the average reader and literary novels is by now set on “complicated”. Novels fight for the attention of readers in an age of distraction, and reality has become such a mess that literary fiction seems to struggle to redefine its role. And yet, despite all…

On writers and spinning vinyl

with Matteo B. Bianchi, Ian Penman

From the dawn of pop and rock culture, through the transformations of society and music technologies, music has deeply affected the morals, dreams, politics, and lives of generations of people. At the same time, generations of talented writers have charted music scenes and music icons, and the eternal interplay…

A tale of two cities. On young people and crime

with Agostino Ferrente, Gary Younge

In the UK, knife crime among the young population has been escalating in the past few years, making headlines in the media. In Italy, adolescents living in neighbourhoods controlled by crime organisations like the Camorra in Naples have to face a dangerous reality in their everyday lives. In the…